Sprint's latest advertising spot throws in some humor regarding the value in their plans

Sprint's latest advertising spot throws in some humor regarding the value in their plans
For a better part of the last couple of  months, we've seen the HTC EVO 4G receive plenty of face time among Sprint's advertising spots – which of course showcases one of the most popular Android handsets right now and Sprint's 4G network. However, the latest television advertising campaign will once again focus on the value that Sprint's plans have to offer over the competition – plus they add in some real-world humor to them. In the video below, we see two individuals sitting in a restaurant trying to engage in an entertaining conversation, but instead of relaying information directly to one another, one of them decides to do it all through their phone. Sure this kind of thing happens to some of us, especially when we rely heavily on our devices, but it kinda shows the disconnect we some times exhibit. Since Sprint's $69.99 Everything Data Plan provides unlimited mobile-to-mobile voice, text, and data access, it's no wonder why the woman in the video decides to rely on it a lot. Ultimately, Sprint is showing viewers the kind of value their plans have to offer versus the more expensive ones from their rivals – saving you some much needed money at the same time.

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