Sprint says goodbye to Nextel?

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Sprint says goodbye to Nextel?
Many of Sprint's troubles have been seen as a result of the Nextel acquisition. There are rumors saying that the company has hired Morgan Stanley to manage the sale of the problematic part of its business. On the other hand, Merill Lynch has suggested that Deutsche Telecom (T-Mobile) is considering buying Sprint and Nextel in order to stabilize its positions on the U.S. market, even though the combination of GSM with CDMA carrier would be kind of strange.

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1. unregistered

Very interesting...

2. osru unregistered

I'm guess'n sprint will say goodbye to nextel... t-mobile will take sprint and then nextel all alone will get ignored by all carriers... and finally die..

3. steviecrackberry unregistered

t-mobile/deutsche telecom will not go under?? If your talking nationwide, we are the largest vs VZW/AT&T/Sprint

4. LordObento unregistered

Who would buy just Nextel without 2.5 GHz Spectrum? They should really come in sell each part individually. For Sale: Sprint PCS CDMA, Sprint WiMax, Nextel iDen.

5. Butch unregistered

How about this scenario....Nextel Partners group together and take Nextel off Sprints hands for pennies on the dollar.

6. George unregistered

I think Nextel is a good invesment...it is great for bussinesses. The Direct Connect Service is very useful. I think Sprint is just troubled. I couldn't see them together with T-Mobile..but correct me if you disagree. I think Nextel should still be with a bigger company, but the brand shouldn't be eliminated. It should still be called Nextel. I couldn't think of another company they would go with. o well...

7. T-HUFF unregistered


8. unregistered

I hope t-mobile does buy them. Reason: it would open up some healthy competition in the US. Also, it would allow customers to OPT out of their contracts and switch to other carriers. The good ones that are left...

9. eneeone unregistered

i think t mobile and sprint could be some good next to eachother ecspecially when looking at the growth of world phones.every phone could have world capability.sprint has potential with correct management and better training of csr's and less outsourcing.nextel is just dead they should merge with ampd mobile and espn mobile for a big digital funeral!

10. unregistered

nextel is a bad investement at the moment. remember those previous articles from a few months ago? Nextel has been told to get off the emergency bands or be shut down by june. We'll see what happends after that. pennies on the pennies no the dollar for a nextel sale after that

11. DamonO unregistered

There is not enough information here to back up this rumor. Yes we know Sprint is struggling but is it necessary to post articles with information that is very questionable considering there is no RAW data supporting this. I call BS until you provide us with more details.

12. Chief unregistered

It's only a matter of time. Who cares. This is like arguing over a 8th place for 6th grade girls basketball. If your not on the Verizon or AT&T bus your getting left behind. Also the AT&T bus is a short bus!

13. David A. unregistered

T-Mobile does not have as many customers then any of the carriers, even nextel by themselves have more carriers then your fly-by-night wireless carrier. T-Mobile in Europe is a good carrier, but in America its as good as a Ford Mustang.

14. steviecrackberry unregistered

#2 made a comment about t-mobile taking over sprint/nextel and than they will go under as well. I made a statement that out of all US carriers, speaking nationwide, t-mobile has the most carriers and they they would not go under...

15. unregistered

Well, Steveicrackberry, it IS true. It would seem you're somewhat biased to "T-Mobile." And I'm not quite sure what figures you're basing your "largest nationwide" on. If you meant globally, try Vodafone with VZW. That's the sure-fire winner there. And as far as network goes... they certainly don't have the largest nationwide, nor does it offer the capactiy or the features of the other NATIONAL providers, hell, even Alltel wireless offers high-speed data--on their own network. Not on this Wi-Fi Hotspot mumbo-jumbo. Sheesh. Lower price = lower service.

16. jvillan unregistered

OMG so now will be tmobil/nextell lololololol u have to be JK! lol it will be worst that it is right now what a Joke! give me a brake! whats next at&t with sprint lol@!

17. unregistered

i really dont see how t-mobil could buy sprint. i agree sprint should drop nexte. that was a stupid purchase in the first place based solely on the different network types. sprint should have just kept them seperate. if sprint will cut the rope dragging them down im sure they can turn things around within a year. i can see sprint buying out t-mobil in the future but not the other way around. i agree nextel should probably just die

18. Swiddy unregistered

I work for Sprint and just left a high level meeting and I can reassure you we are not getting bought out by anyone. We are not selling Nextel or the rights to the IDEN system. We have plans in place that within the next few months will ahve all you naysayers shaking your head saying how did they turn that company around so fast. So take it for what it is, but I woudl buy sprint stock now while it is at $6.00 a share. Buy low sell high!!

19. unregistered

Nextel was not the dead weigt to begin with. The problem is that Sprint came in and was lagging far behind in Customer Service and just flat out got rid of the good people. I say, bring Tim Donahue back and see what happens...On another note...lets get some quality service reps and get rid of the lazy ass Sprint Sales people

20. unregistered

For many of you saying Nextel is holding Sprint down, etc etc. Ponder this: As a stand alone carrier Nextel had the lowest churn and highest ARPU in the wireless industry.

21. JOle55 unregistered

Ok T-Mbl buying sprint nextel omfg LOL. That's not smart for a company to own and operate a GSM, CDMA, IDEN, & WIMAX networks. Trying to intergrate all of those technologies into one would be a huge and horible nightmare, on the technical end and from a customer service standpoint.

22. Gustav unregistered

I have read a couple forums about this topic of DT looking to buy Sprint/Nextel and am trying to figure out why it's hard to believe? The nextel half I can see becuase they are iDEN but Sprint if everyone remembers is PCS1900 which is the same frequency as TM US. It would be a very easy conversion though a little costly. I think it makes perfect sense for TM US to try and buy the ailing telecomm.

23. unregistered

not gonna happen. what about hybrid phoes and Q chat? There're not going to just scrap that stuff

24. VZWGuy unregistered

The mother country wont give T-mobile enough money to expand its own network in the us. And wont give them the funds to lock down "good" phones exlusively. What makes you think they will give them enough money to buy a network technology completely alien to their own? Youve got to be insane if you think this is going to happen. Im going to stick with the former dream.. Google Wireless with a nationwide Wimax Network and have a nationwide VOIP carrier! LOL dream on!

25. JERKFACE unregistered

I think that the problem w/ Sprint is the structure, the right hand never knows what the left hand is doing, and w/ the merger mgt fell through the cracks and there is not enough motivation out there w/i the company b/c of how all the constant changes are presented to employees, they should have had a better buying plan when purchasing nextel so the transition would have been smoother for both employees and customers. Nextel mgt took over Sprint mgt but the Sprint name stayed major, THIS DID NOT MAKE SENSE FOR THE COMPANY, it's like having a bus driver flying a plane.

26. rafael cepeda unregistered

the only bad thing about nextel is their phones they need to get some high class quality phones, the service is good, now cover on the usa is poor, but ill get better, now on the other hand, sprint needs better customer service ( what is with that when you go to a store to ask questions about your bill or other problems they say that you need to call costumer service...that sucks ) on your bill their is always going to be some extra charges, poor internet service, store reps sucks specially in new orleans, now if verizon or att buy nextel that will be the company number one in the usa.....

27. tmogirl2004 unregistered

I am a tmo senior rep and if tmobile and sprint merge i promise you i will NEVER sell their phones! maybe that would be the end of my winner's circle status.

28. unregistered

Would this mean that sprint and nextel people would be able to talk to each other for free???

29. aaronCgarner unregistered

Well i have Verizon, and i love there service... i have the Voyager ( only because all my friends have verizon, and i can text them for free :) ) but i used to have NEXTEL... i Honestly believe that Nextel is a VERY GOOD Service, they have awesome coverage, and you hardly drop calls from them..... I THINK EVERY BODY ON HERE NEEDS TO SHUT UP ABOUT WANTING THEM TO DROP OUT OF THE CELLPHONE BUSSINESS... Please, i do believe that Nextel made a bad decision to merge with Sprint, because Sprint is such a poor and stuped company... Poor Nextel, i feel bad for them merging with sprint... my Parent and my sister have NEXTEL, and they love there service... The only main reason people dont like them, is there phones, and they do have ugly phones, but they do have really good service :) SOOO STOP HATING NEXTEL

30. Brittnay unregistered

Boo! Morgan Stanley sux...especillay the Atlanta office works with them on personal investments and they're horrible.Sprint will only get worse.Verizon rox!

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