Sprint sells off its towers

Sprint sells off its towers
In a move that will net Sprint approximately $670 million, Sprint announced that they will be selling 3,300 towers- nearly all of them- to TowerCo.  Not only will the move bring in some liquid cash for Sprint, but it will free them from the operation and maintenance costs and allow them "greater flexibility to manage the company" according to senior vice president Bob Azzi.  Sprint and TowerCo have an agreement to enter a long-term lease for CDMA, WiMax and iDEN support on the towers.  The deal is expected to close in 90 days.

source: InformationWeek via Engadget Mobile



1. rj04 unregistered

the first of many big moves from sprint/nextel?

2. unregistered

towers today...company tomorrow HAHAHA

24. E.N. unregistered

I don't get it

33. ag unregistered


3. unregistered

This is the kind of stuff you dont wanna read about a big company like Sprint.. It's only going to make things worst eventually..

4. unregistered

what a last ditch move. this is like having to mortgage off your properties in monopoly to pay rent to another player. Big gamble that doesnt normally pan out. One wrong move and .. poof.. bye bye sprint.

5. szaldana

Posts: 19; Member since: May 20, 2008

I feel bad for Sprint. In an effort to make things better for their company, they are just making it worst little by little. They should just sell the entire company instead of loosing more money, customer, and now I think quality.

6. unregistered

Why don't I see anything about EV-DO support? I'm getting nervous...

7. unregistered

Sprint will be merging with Clearwire more than likely this fall. No need to panic. Once wimax is rolled out Sprint will be kicking @ 5MBPS + verus other slower carriers.

8. unregistered

Sprint and ATT is last of the American owned Cell phone companies. Everyone else is owned by Germany.

9. vzwrep unregistered

no really verizon is majorly owned by verizon co. which is a US (eastcoast) company. Vodafone only owns a portion of verizon.

10. unregistered

hush, both of u

14. unregistered

Who died and made you mommie

19. unregistered

actually verizon is owned by vodafone they control 51 percent of the company

22. polo unregistered

no its a 55% 45% in favor of verizon

48. unregistered

Polo You got it. Below text From Wikipedia Cellco Partnership, doing business as Verizon Wireless, owns and operates the second largest wireless telecommunications network in the United States, based on a total of 70.8 million U.S. subscribers,[1] behind AT&T Mobility's 74.9 million subscribers.[2] Verizon Wireless has the highest revenue of all wireless companies based within the United States, with an annual revenue of $43.9 billion. Headquartered in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, the company is a joint venture of Verizon Communications and Vodafone Group, with 55 and 45 percent ownership respectively. They claim their wireless network covers geographic regions that contain a population of 260 million people within the United States.[3]

11. borg unregistered

so there service is going to suck worse that it does now how nice

12. unregistered

So selling the stuff to another co. to maintain is smart to me, one less thing to worry about and 670M in cash to loose a headache is alright to me. All of thier towers weren't sold plus I'm pretty sure vzw and att don't own all the towers they operate on

16. unregistered

actually Verizon does own it's cell towers. of course there are agreements in place w/ other carriers in case you need someone else's towers. but that is standard for other companies also.

13. unregistered

What they are doing by doing this is hiring the techs and engs at a reduced salary rate, very smart.

15. Karlos89 unregistered

What this really means is when there is a maintenance issue or down cell tower the left hand has to talk to the right hand to get it fixed. Or to put it better in Sprints terms, the left nut has to talk to the right nut. God Sprint is so desperate. They will fix their business problems as soon as they can fix their customer service. Until then they will stay ignorant. It makes me laugh my ass off when I hear at&t is suing to stop the proposed sprint / clearwire -Xohm deal. LOOOL!!!! Sprint can't catch a break no matter what they do.

17. wboraby unregistered

What does it matter anyway, ever since i got the instinct my reception has been horrible.Put in a ticket and they came out and looked at my area and the tower and said everything is fine, find that hard to beleive when i am not getting calls or dropping them. Almost about that time to switch to the best network of them all, Verizon or wait around and see if that airave signal booster helps out, but why should i have to pay out of my pocket for that for better reception.

20. unregistered

hey boo boo number 19 is right, its the device that determins if u get service or not remember sprint is the PROVIDER NOT THE MANUFACTURER.. and to answer everyone question about customer service with sprint.. It's getting better you forget we got a new CEO the old one( Gary forsee) did'nt care he was in it for the money. Sprint is seriously tring to make ammends and no one one to give them a chance to Move forward and when we are the first company to come put with 4G phones Sprint will whipe the floor with all the other carriers.

29. unregistered

Well you obviously work for Sprint.... Congrats on keeping your job this far. You will be singing a different tune shortly. 4G will do nothing for Sprint. Every company is going for Sprints jugular and they will eventually lose out. Think about the Towers being sold. Sprints main income was from roaming agreements with companies like Virgin mobile etc... Sure they got some quick cash but it wont pull them out of the hole. 2-5 years down the road they will be in more trouble than they are in now. Its no different than me quitting my job and pawning off everything I own. Sure I would be good for a while but eventually id be broke too. I would consider applying for a new job as soon as you can.

18. unregistered

What is the reason to complain about coverage for, it's the device that determines that. Sprint owns thier towers too, all of them weren't sold

21. Mark Regan unregistered

They have already sold their "customer service" down the tubes. Now the towers. Pretty soon they will outsource their technology and sales offices, their hardware platforms, and will be only a "shell" company traded on Wall Street, instead of the innovative wireless company they used to be. I say good riddance. ATT should be next. When you call them, someone answers in Manila, and can't understand our thick American accents. When you go in person to their store, they are locked up with a sign advising us to call their toll-free number. When is a wireless (or hardwire, for that matter) company going to pretend to have the American consumer at the center of it's operations instead of their stockholders? So far, I've found T-Mobile to provide the best service and support in America, and they're not even an American company. Bye, bye Sprint/Nextel. Bye, bye ATT. Hello Google and T-Mobile. They are the only innovative, customer centric companies actually interested in making money by providing what customers want and need.

30. unregistered

You must have forgot about Verizon there. 55% american company and ALL of the customer service is local like tennesse or nebraska. Also dont forget about the #1 rated Customer service of Verizon. TMobile definatly has great customer service but thats about it.

41. HeyTreTre unregistered

Dont forget about the HUGE Tech Suport Call center in Houston i know cuz i worked there verizon refuses to outsource becuase PEOPLE HATE THAT So yeah they gotta charge a little more i would rather pay 10 bucks more a mont and speak to an american citizen when i call then save 10 and spend 5 hours trying to understand what the hell the guy on the other end is saying But im on ATT for now, waiting for VZW to cut the price on the deposit. Then i will go back to that wonderful service, by far the fastest smoothest data transfer And im on att 3g right now But they are a lil behind on VZW even though theoretically the HSDPA should top out at 3.6 mbps T-Mobile . . HAHAHA ...thats funny, they are just trying to stay around, if they dont hurry and get 3g people will start leaving Me included, i had tmobile before att but after bien on verizon living with EDGE will NOT DO So i got the next best thing ATT 3g Those are the Big doggs VZW and ATT are THRIVING Sprint is dying, tmobile is surviving

23. unregistered

Let's see how this plays out, I am one of the few that believe benefits will be reaped from it

25. unregistered

in the short term this is an ok idea, but what happemd wheen this "agreement" expires? TowerCo can then charge Sprint whatever the hell they want, as well as offer tower space to other CDMA's ... they're TowerCo's towers, after all... this is like putting a band aid on a bullet wound

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