Sprint roadmap reveals new phones for Q3

Sprint roadmap reveals new phones for Q3
An image posted at HoFo reveals information on a few phones Sprint is expected to launch before September 2nd. Although the picture doesn’t look very official, the exclusive photo of a new phone (the Katana Eclipse) and the presence of a few model names, make us think it is genuine. However, keep in mind this is a document for internal use, so the dates are likely to change.

A few days before the end of this month, Palm will launch the Treo 800w. It comes two weeks later than the expected July 13th, but it is still likely that Verizon will offer it just 60 to 90 days later. *Update: it is possible that the Treo 800w and the red Curve are listed for July 13th, indicated above them.

The Motorola Vegas VE20, which was approved by the FCC a few days ago, is mentioned as the Moto RAZR VE20, and is expected before August 17th. In the same period, the Sanyo Katana Eclipse (SCP-6750) should also be launched. It is a slim clamshell with external color display, which can be used for GPS navigation; it is still unsure if the phone is a QChat device.

Before the second day of September, Sprint will launch five additional phones: the budget Samsungs M320 and M220, Motorola i365 (probably a slim iDEN candybar to replace i335), the Motorola Renegade V950 (until now, it was known as the V950 only) and HTC “MP6950”. It is still unsure, which model this is and we hope it is the Touch Diamond, but there are rumors that it is the Touch Dual with a CDMA flavor.

source: HowardForums

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