Sprint rebate sheet reveals Samsung Instinct HD part of the lineup

Sprint rebate sheet reveals Samsung Instinct HD part of the lineup
Although the lineup is becoming increasingly crowded over at Sprint, the Samsung Instinct HD is attempting to take its place among the heavy hitters. Not to be outdone by the rumors about the Palm Pre taking a price drop and the eventual release of the HTC Hero, the latest Sprint rebate sheet shows the Instinct HD taking part of the festivities. The $100 mail-in-rebate for it will be good until 10/31/2009 – meaning that we will most likely see it around the corner soon. Not quite a smartphone and more of a feature phone, we'll see if it will have enough appeal to win over some users. We all know the advertising campaign Sprint rolled out during the original launch of the Instinct – maybe it might get the same treatment? In any case, the “HD” in the name may really open up some eyes and lure potential buyers to its grasp.

Samsung Instinct HD Preliminary Specifications

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1. tokuzumi

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These are some exciting times for Sprint. Palm Pre is now $149. I just wish it had more memory. Hero is coming...the Touch Pro 2 is out, although it should be priced in line with Verizon. Plus, I'm interested in the Instinct HD, but I'm concerned the phone will not have any development for it, like the previous versions. Although, if the phone gets Sprint Titan, it can almost be a smartphone, and receive better quality java apps. Plus, if Opera Mobile is really going to be the web browser, that would give that phone a sweet web browsing experience. Much more so than Opera Mini (which is still a great browser), or the stock crappy browser from the original and the S30.

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