Sprint readies 4 new phones, 3 with QWERTY

A few leaked images show several upcoming QWERTY-equipped phones for Sprint. The common feature of the phones is that they all have full hardware keyboard, but due to the various specifications they will be positioned in different functionality and price classess.

We’ve heard about the CDMA RIM BlackBerry Pearlfrom earlier rumors, which pointed Verizon Wireless as the first carrier to have it, but Sprint will also offer it. RIM 8130 features EV-DO and GPS support and updates on the first Pearl (GSM) with 2-megapixel camera, Stereo Bluetooth, and stereo headphone jack. The SureType QWERTY and the BlackBerry OS makes sure it will be an email-friendly phone.

The Palm Centro has been seen in earlier spy shots as well. The device will use Palm’s OS and will have touch-display. Its QWERTY is reported to be as good as those of Treos. The Centro features 1.3-megapixel camera, supports EV-DO and will include applications such as Versa Mail, Sprint Mobile Mail, Sprint Instant Messaging and Google maps.

TheLG RUMOR is a candybar phone with small display and numeric keyboard and side-sliding QWERTY one. It is not a smartphone and is targeted to people who doesn’t need one, but want a full keyboard for messaging. It will be advertised as phone that has quick and easy access to social networks like Facebook and MySpace and to SMS, email and IM. Features include 1.3MP camera, microSD slot, MP3 music player and Bluetooth.

The HTC Touchcomes in CDMA flavor with the same design as the original GSM variant. As it is an EV-DO (rev. A upgradable) phone, the processor is 400MHz instead of the 200 used in the GSM version and the memory (both RAM and ROM) is doubled. Other features are identical to the original Touch, including WM6 Professional OS, flat 2.8” touch QVGA display, microSD and 2-megapixel camera. As it can be seen from the images, the Sprint Touch will have its home screen personalized for some of the carrier’s features, including Sprint Music Store and Sprint TV Access. You can read the HTC Touch (GSM) Review here.

The leaked images show Q4 2007 release for all the four phones.

Images Courtesy of EngadgetMobile

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