Sprint prepping first MBA compatible aircard

Sprint prepping first MBA compatible aircard
We have learned that Sprint is preparing to launch the Novatel U680 mobile broadband card, which will be the first card compatible with the MacBook Air's notoriously frustrating single USB port. Currently, MBA users have to use a clumsy USB extension cord which means the card is more likely to get tangled in something or unplugged. With the U680 users will be able to plug directly into the USB port, meaning less clutter and less to carry. The Rev. A device is billed as "zero install," which really means that theuser simply pops the card in and it does all the work, there is no needfor a CD instillation. It is compatible with Windows XP/Vista, Mac OS X and even Linux. No further specs are available right now, but if it is anything like recent Novatel and Sprint USB cards, it will be GPS capable and feature microSD expansion. The $249.99 retail price means new and upgrade eligible customers can expect to pay $99.99 with a two year agreement.



1. unregistered

thats good news

2. jamesvillan22

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OMG!!!!!!!! ur kidding me!!??? verizon aircards are all ready compatible with it! lolol truely sprint sucks!!

3. unregistered

any aircard is technically compatible. this card will actually FIT into the port without extra cables. right now there is no aircard that does this. hence, this will be the FIRST to be compatible with the mba design. no ones talking about s/w here

4. EVDOguy unregistered

That is the Franklin CDU680, which has been sold on the Sprint network for the last 6 months (from clever dealers who knew about it). The Compass 597 USB already works great with the MacBook Air.. The Franklin CDU680 has a rotating USB connector, BUT when inserted into a MBA, does not rotate like it does in all computers. More info on the CDU680 and Compass 697 at: http://www.evdoinfo.com/cdu680http://www.evdoinfo.com/compass

5. Pings unregistered

What about the VZW USB 720 that has been out for so long that VZW has already discontinued it . God, Sprint, and ATT will say anything.

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