Sprint might be in talks to buy Nextel

Sprint might be in talks to buy Nextel

Not long ago Cingular bought AT&T for $41 billions and now rumors are that Sprint is considering buying Nextel for about $36 billions. This is not something new - the two companies had on and off negotiations since the beginning of the year, so we wonder if it is going to really happen this time. Acording to CNN this merge will face some expensive technology hurdles due to the incompatible wireless systems used in their networks, but the the companies still would benefit by gaining more wireless spectrum to transmit calls and a more diverse customer base.  If the merge take place it will combine number 3 and number 5 wireless companies in the States and will consolidate the third place for Sprint with about 39 million customers, putting them right behind Cingular (#1) and Verizon (#2). According to the rumors the company may keep both brand names and will have 50/50 split among the board members of each company. All this is creating major concern if these big mergers will have any effect on the prices for wireless services. Lately the wireless providers became more and more competitive trying to match or exceed each others great deals but customers are wondering if this is coming to an end.



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