Sprint is keeping a watchful eye out on tiered pricing trends

Sprint is keeping a watchful eye out on tiered pricing trends
Of all the major carriers in the US, Sprint's attitude toward the pricing structure of their plans have remained relatively unchanged. In light of both AT&T and Verizon making some changes over the course of the last couple of years, Sprint is still touting how they are a value based company that is looking to give customers the most out of their money.

However, Sprint CEO Dan Hesse said that they are “watching very closely” about the competition; specifically the trends on their tiered pricing structure. Still, customers don't need to be too concerned right now because the CEO reiterated that there are no immediate plans to change the way they are charging their customers in regards to wireless data.

Furthermore, Hesse said, “We're not ruling out metered pricing. Tiered pricing is something we look at. But customers really do value simplicity.” Regardless, Sprint customers can sleep for now knowing that they still have an unlimited data plan available to them.

source: Wall Street Journal



1. Doodoo unregistered

Better hope there is no tiered pricing... I'm switching to sprint next July... From AT&T that has only 5 gb of data use... Go over 5 gb and it doubles

2. Phoneguy29986 unregistered

Why would you change from at&t to sprint that doesn't make sense if youy are doing it to save money then you are doing it for the wrong reasons because you will have all kinds of problems with sprint

3. magman unregistered

Such as?

6. John11207 unregistered

I live in Southern California and switched from AT&T to Sprint. Maybe it was the iPhone or the cellular service (or combination), but AT&T was terrible from day one. Reception was generally bad and even if you [reportedly] had a good signal, you could bet on dropping calls. With Sprint I no longer have a problem with dropped calls and call quality is much better than that of my friends with AT&T. All wireless providers have signal variances in different areas, but AT&T is much worse anywhere we go. No matter how you look at it in my area, AT&T on an iPhone has serious problems. Also - I have three phones with Sprint, all of which are Android phones with unlimited data and texting. My bill is only $15 per month more than my AT&T plan was (also with three phones), but only one had a data plan and unlimited texting. I'm getting a far better deal and far better service. Leaving AT&T was the best move...

7. Doodoo unregistered

Ok, why not switch to sprint from AT&T? I have the lg expo, and the data plan that only allows for 5gb... My phone is used for my job, such as presentations, email, and research... I have gone over 5gb... And they charge me almost 200$ for my entire plan... I switch to sprint, the plan is 120... Or 130 if I get a 4g phone... Plus I had bad service, and in my area, I have sprint coverage, and more reliable service... So what's your problem with sprint?

8. Doodoo unregistered

And my contract ends next July... So I'm crossing my fingers for no tiered pricing on sprint...

10. Doakie

Posts: 2478; Member since: May 06, 2009

Nice comment idiot. Sprints coverage is just fine and their network works fine too. Sure if you're in the middle of nowhere Sprint might not have any towers, but with the roaming agreement they have with Verizon I get coverage wherever Sprint doesnt have coverage FOR FREE. I WANT TO PAY MORE FOR AT&T CUS THEY'RE BETTER! Bah, have fun being poor, idiot.

4. JeffdaBeat unregistered

I wish people would stop acting so surprised that this is coming to EVERY CARRIER IN THE COMING FUTURE... ISP, both cellular and residential, are going to be tiered. With things like streaming video (in HD), downloading, and online gaming, more bandwidth is required. It's not going to be the all you can eat fest anymore...and if it is, you are going to pay a lot more for it. Cellular internet costs a lot more than residential. LTE and WiMAX makes those costs go down, but as more people start switching over to smartphones and consuming more data, even LTE and WiMAX will be expensive. I really hate that it's going to go this way, but we are going to look back on these days as the good ol' days of the internet. I think what will happen is everyone will have the same high speed internet, but you will pay for how much data you've used. On one side, if you use relatively low data on the web then you'll pay less. But for those who use more will have to pay for it.

5. chozray unregistered

I have been with ATT since 2000 and I just switched to Sprint last week. I am very happy with Sprint and I would recommend them to anyne thinking about switching. The main difference is no dropped calls.

9. Flip7

Posts: 31; Member since: Nov 27, 2009

I also switch n I am a very happy customer, call quality is much better so now I ask my self why were ppl always talking bad about sprint...they're good pricing n good call quality not to mention this evo which soon will also have the 30 fps cap remove

11. scorpionreign

Posts: 8; Member since: Dec 27, 2008

My friends ATT phone dropped call with me 5 times with in 20min. My friend said he's switching to Sprint next month and also if ATT didn't have the Iphone they'd be out of business. I love my Sprint service, 11 years of happy service and still going.

12. EJdj unregistered

18 months ago sprint tried to charge me $600..unbeliveable!!..:2 blackberrys and a family plan..total BS!!..im waiting for vzw to go 4G..I never went near any overages nor did the other phone..got the bill down to $0.00 jerks!!

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