Sprint iPhone 4S landing page is now live with pre-orders available October 7

Sprint iPhone 4S landing page is now live with pre-orders available October 7
Up until now, the only place where we find any mention of a Sprint iPhone 4S is on Apple’s own web site, which is named alongside its competitors. Well folks, the upcoming handset is finally making itself at home now that it’s live on Sprint’s landing page for all to see and inquire.

Besides the trove of information at our disposal, we’re treated to some other specifics regarding the handset’s upcoming availability. In addition to pre-ordering the handset through Apple directly on October 7th, Sprint will be offering its own pre-orders online as well on the same date. However, they don't provide any specifics regarding when they'll ship – though, it's a no-brainer that it'll come on the 14th like the rest.

Meanwhile, if you’re not serious about picking up the handset, you can choose to side with its predecessor in the iPhone 4, since pre-orders are available for it as we speak. Currently, the iPhone 4 pre-order page mentions that they’ll do their ‘best’ to have the smartphone delivered to you by October 14th – and possibly later on the 15th. Naturally, you can spill out a cool $99.99 to pick up a pre-order of the 8GB iPhone 4, but if you’d rather forgo the contract route, you’ll need to shell $549.99 to get one.

For the rest, you can still circle your calendar on the 7th and expect to place a pre-order for the upcoming iPhone 4S. Soaking it in, some might be struck with shock to see the iPhone being showcased on Sprint’s web site, mainly because the concept seemed so foreign for some time now, but we’re sure they’ll be glad to even know that unlimited data is still in play with the lovable smartphone.

source: Sprint

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