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Sprint admits to throttling despite “Truly Unlimited” claims

Sprint admits to throttling despite “Truly Unlimited” claims
If you watch TV sans-DVR, you’ve probably seen the Sprint commercial promoting its “Truly Unlimited” data plan. In the spot Sprint knock AT&T and Verizon for charging extra for going over 2GB of data then, here’s the kicker, the commercial says, “T-Mobile claims they’re unlimited but, use your phone a lot, and they slow down your data speed. With Sprint you don’t get charged extra, you don’t slow down…”

What makes this commercial so interesting is that at an investor conference on Thursday, Chief Executive Dan Hesse said, "For those that want to abuse it, we can knock them off.” He then admitted that Sprint throttles data for approximately 1% of its users.

Here is the commercial in case you haven’t seen it. It sure is an interesting definition of “Truly Unlimited.”

source: NASDAQ via Mashable


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