Sprint Samsung M300 clamshell phone

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Sprint Samsung M300 clamshell phone
* Update 13 April 07: It seems that the M300 will just look like the E790, but lack its cool features: it will have VGA camera only, no EV-DO ... We are still not sure about the A437 features

* Update 11 Apr 07: We received information that the SGH-A437 that AT&T Cingular is going to carry in future looks the same. As it is GSM, we guess it will be slightly personalized, America version of the E790 (see below). *End Update

We got the first leaked photo of the Samsung SPH-M300 CDMA phone for Sprint PCS. This Vision Camera Clamshell will come as the replacement of the A640, which also has OLED external display that conceals when inactive, delivering a shiny mirror-like surface.

The M300 is the CDMA version of the E790 and we guess it will have similar specifications, including 2-megapixel camera, Stereo Bluetooth and microSD slot.

Targeted for 14 May, 2007 it will initially launch in Dark Silver, but a second color version in Red will follow in July.

Thanks tuolumne!



1. Jonathan unregistered

When is the expected date when this handset goes live.

2. jjohn unregistered

the article says 05 14 07!

3. shawna unregistered

I just ordered one of these so I will let you know how that works out for me.

4. Star unregistered

Not too fond of the sounds on it and also having trouble getting onto yahoo on cell.

5. mark unregistered

phone works great should have had this long time ago

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