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Spracht's new Aura EQ Bluetooth headset acts like a stealth hearing aid

Spracht's new Aura EQ Bluetooth headset acts like a stealth hearing aid
One of the biggest complaints among any Bluetooth trotting user is that it’s never loud enough to hear your caller –especially if you’re stuck in the middle of a sea of people at a busy intersection. That’s where Spracht’s new Aura EQ Bluetooth headset comes in to save the day – it’s designed to help aid in the hearing process with a customizable 8-band equalizer. It basically allows you to modify the tone of voice from your caller so that they’re more audible on your end – eliminating the need to ask them to repeat themselves. Think of it also like a stealth hearing aid that uses its external microphone to hone in and amplify voices around you. You can listen in on conversations from a decent distance and sort out voices from noisy environments. We guess it makes for a great spying tool as well if you wish to go incognito and perform some sleuthing part time. Following that stealth approach, it has a similar fighter-plane looking design that includes a “capacitive volume strip” to increase or decrease volume. It’s rated for 8 hours of battery life and will be available in March with a $99 price tag. If you want to be the next 007, you may need to pick this one up as part of your costume.

via Gearlog


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