Spotlight: Weareal brings fancy analog watchfaces to the digital realm of Android Wear

Developer: Weareal Download: Android
Category: Android Wear Price: Free (contains in-app purchases)

Who said that only traditional watch makers have the right to boast about their latest design collections? When it comes to pretty watchfaces, smart wrist-tockers meet and exceed the standards achieved by the likes of Tag, Omega, Citizen, and any brand name that comes off the top of your head, really. For a shining example, check out what digital watchface maker Weareal has brought to the table!

Available in the Google Play store, the Live 3D Watch Faces app by Weareal presents five distinct styles of traditional-looking dials, developed both for circular and square-shaped smartwatches, as well as male and female wearers. The aim here is to emulate the physical look of analog watch faces, complete with how light tends to play off their glass covers and emphasize certain design elements. Now, here's more about the five models in question.

Rider is designed for men and features an animated three-part glow and reflection, a full-date digital face calendar, the day of the week, temperature, battery level (we're in the digital realm, after all), and three colors (black, dark blue, and steel blue). It's made for round and square watches.

Airpower is made for lovers of mechanical watches. It's described as bold and bright, and comes with automatic winding (based on gravity), a mechanical dial (for day of month), a data dial, temperature level, battery life, and step counter. It's available in dark, bright blue, and brass.

Acute goes for the classic and simple with its angle glow effect, animated 3D light (for hands and graduations), date window, and availability in silver and black. It's made for round and square watches

Golder is a luxury watchface created for those with a penchant for gold (like we had to tell you). It presents a minimal and elegant design with elements colored in royal paint. It's got a date window, and it's available in aged white and dark colors. This one's compatible with round and square watches, too.

The newest addition to the line-up is "Airpower", which goes for the pilot look with its array of gears and cogs that tick and spin in various directions. It's a dynamic watchface that makes for an engaging sight!

The developers claim that Weareal faces consume an additional 3% of battery in comparison to, say, the stock ones that came with your smartwatch. In addition, the application allows you to explore all watchfaces by Weareal, check them out in a live preview, and install them right away. With their precise graphics, crafty animations, and sophistacted sense of style, we think Weareal's watchfaces aren't to be easily bypassed.


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