Spotlight: Doculus makes handling documents on an iPhone feel fast and natural

Are you frustrated with the usual on-the-go document editing experience on your iPhone? Maybe all the pinching and zooming and awkward finger twisting involved simply won't let you focus on the task at hand? If that's the case, hit the App Store and grab a copy of Doculus, an app designed to make reading, collaborating and managing documents faster and more comfortable on a smartphone.

With Doculus, email attachments and documents in your cloud storage are presented as auto-generated summaries, which allows for reviewing content and replying to comments right from the mobile screen. The most critical information of any document is summarized, reducing the time needed to digest it. By virtue of that, Doculus is ideal for the kinds of sales, business development and legal professionals who review sales, contracts, and agreements on a daily basis and would like to respond to redlines and comments directly from their iPhone.

Doculus supports popular file formats, such as Microsoft Word (.docx) and Google Docs, while PDF support is about to come soon. Storage-wise, it has almost all account types covered across major cloud platforms, such as Microsoft Office 365, Google Drive, and Box. Support for Dropbox is coming in 2016. As you open your document in the app, you will instantly see comments, changes, and mark-ups made by people on your team. You can filter them by person and focus on those that require immediate attention. The app also integrates with your inbox, importing new attachments automatically and notifying you to take related actions.

The document viewer is only available on iPhones right now. It can be installed on iPhone 5, 5s, 6, 6 plus, 6s and 6s devices running iOS 9.x. More Apple products and versions for other platforms will be added later in 2016.

Developer: Doculus Download: iOS
Category: Productivity Price: Free


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1. JumpinJackROMFlash

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They couldn't come up with a more original name? Starting a pool on how long before they will have to change name due to Oculus. One month?

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