Zero tapping, playlist scrolling - meet the new free Spotify Stations app

Spotify has released an offshoot app on the hush-hush, dedicated entirely to free listening to playlists. Called simply Stations, the app is for now only downloadable in Australia, and is an experiment of sorts for Spotify, as the music streaming service calls it "the easiest way to listen to the music you love."

The whole point is to make listening as fast and accessible as possible, as Stations starts running as soon as you turn it on, and then the playlists are shown in a big, bold font, easy to tap on while driving jogging, for instance. There's no search and typing involved, you can simply scroll through a number of preset playlists, including Spotify's renowned Discover Weekly and Release Radar.

Needless to say, Stations adapts to your tastes the more you listen - a feature in all modern streamers you may love or hate, as you often miss some great tunes because the algorithms are serving the genres that exist in your own bubble after a certain amount of time spent with them. Stations is ad-supported for now, and Spotify is obviously just toying around with the concept at the moment, as you can't really do things like track skipping, even if you are a premium subscriber to the regular service.

source: Spotify (Google Play) via Variety

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