The mobile Spotify app may soon be able to play your entire music library, including local songs

The mobile Spotify app may soon be able to play your entire music library, including local songs
Spotify is the top music streaming service in the world and as such, its mobile app is among the most downloaded apps on Android and iOS devices. It lets its users stream the countless albums that are available on Spotify on the go, including songs from some of the biggest current artists. But if there is something Spotify has been lacking on your phone or tablet, that the Spotify desktop app can do, it's the ability to play your own music files that you have stored on your device.

Whether you've downloaded some songs from SoundCloud or any other website that allows downloads, you can't really play those tunes in the Spotify app alongside your favorite Spotify songs. At least, not yet.

A discovery from feature leaker Jane Manchun Wong on Twitter (via Android Central) suggests that the Spotify app may soon be able to detect and import your local songs, so you can enjoy them in the app. The said discovery is presented in the form of a screenshot, that shows an option in the mobile app to "Show device files", followed by the description "Show all audio files on your device in Your Library." It's not clear whether this screenshot is coming from an unreleased beta of the Spotify app, or has been discovered and enabled in the current version of the public app.

Such a feature would allow users of the mobile Spotify app to enjoy their entire music collection through just that one app, instead of having to use other Android or iOS music players for their other songs, downloaded from other sources.

When the feature will actually come to us is still unknown, but at least now we can assume that it's coming eventually.


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