Spoiler Shield shields your Facebook and Twitter feed from sports games and TV show spoilers

Developer: Picking CarrotsDownload: Android, iOS
Genre: SocialPrice: Free

If you are an avid TV show fan, you probably know this situation all too well - you can barely wait the workday to end so you can get home tonight and watch the season finale. Just a little before you leave, someone on your social feed 'accidentally' spoils some major part of tonight's action. You catch a mere glimpse of the insidious post and quickly scroll to hide it, but the nasty spoiler bites into the back of your mind like a mite, and later, it ruins the surprise and impact of the most exciting moment in the episode as it unfolds before your eyes.

"Never again!" - says the Spoiler Shield app. Available on Android and iOS, it does its best to filter your Facebook and Twitter feeds from anything that might contain sports games and TV show spoilers. This way, you can remain online and share the excitement with your web buddies without getting in danger of being spoiled.

To get the app working, you simply access your Facebook and Twitter accounts through it. Spoiler Shield is not called "Shield" for no reason! Then, you select the TV shows and sports games you absolutely don't want spoiled for you. Finally, you engage or disengage the shield with on and off switches. There are switches for all NFL and baseball teams, and over 30 TV shows including 'Mad Men', 'Breaking Bad', 'The Voice', and more.

And any decent form of spoiler protection, Spoiler Shield lets you access filtered posts if you are so inclined - simply double tap to reveal them. Let's hope the app will work for you!


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