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Spigen Ultra Flip View case for the Samsung Galaxy S4 hands-on

Spigen Ultra Flip View case for the Samsung Galaxy S4 hands-on
Yeah, $60 for Samsung’s official S View Cover for the Galaxy S4 is rather steep by today’s standards, but lucky for all of us, there’s an alternative one that’s priced lower and doesn’t skimp out on the functionality. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to even notice the difference as the two, but sure enough, we’re certain that your wallet will appreciate Spigen’s Ultra Flip View Case.

Seriously, Spigen’s offering has the same exact functionality as its official counterpart, as the translucent front cutout permits us to see some relevant information – such as the time, date, battery status, and much more. In addition, we’re able to also accept/reject phone calls too just like what we get with the official version. So what’s different with it? Well, rather than being required to remove the rear plastic casing of the handset, the Spigen Ultra Flip View case actually accommodates the entire handset, since it’s attached to the case itself.

Donning a plasticy feeling fabric material, it feels a bit slick when it’s held, but at least it does a great job when it comes to repelling smudges and fingerprints. On the front, there’s a cutout for the earpiece that enables us to continue using the handset for phone calls. However, it lacks a cutout for the volume control, which means that we need to open up the front cover just to access it. Finally, there’s only one major concern we have with the Ultra Flip View case – it’s that the front cover lacks magnets to keep it securely shut.

Regardless, it’s the $39.99 price of it that really makes it an attractive offering over Samsung’s official version. Therefore, if you’re digging some savings, this is absolutely worth checking out, as it provides all the functionality found with the official S View Cover.

source: Spigen
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