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Spigen Linear Metal iPhone 5 case hands-on

Spigen Linear Metal iPhone 5 case hands-on
If you like the form fitting and protective nature of Spigen’s Linear Pop case for the iPhone 5, but can do without the flashy color scheme, then you’ll appreciate the more modest looking Spigen Linear Metal case. Indeed, the structure is the same with this case’s 3-piece system, but the uniform looks might be more suitable for people who prefer something more reserved with the color tone of the case.

On one hand, we appreciate that the Linear Metal case is form fitting without adding any bulk to the smartphone’s existing slim profile, but its design is pretty much on the bland side. Nevertheless, it’ll no doubt protect the handset from scratches when it’s in your pockets, however, we’re a bit skeptical about its survival against drops from extensive heights. Comprised out of three polycarbonate pieces with a metallic finish, a top frame, lower frame, and back plating, they all come together and wrap the handset’s rear and sides – though, it’s worth mentioning that the packaging comes with an additional lower frame to add a little bit of personalization to the mix.

Although we have access to all of the ports and buttons on the iPhone 5, it can be a pain sometimes trying to remove it from the case – mainly because we have to finagle around one of the corners where the bottom and top pieces come together, just to pry it apart. Unlike some other cases, the cutout for the 3.5mm headset jack is wide enough to accommodate almost all headphone cables, which is always the preferable thing to find.

Sporting a price point of $27.99, it’s definitely a pricey thing to fork over for a minimalist case. Still, it’s worth mentioning that Spigen throws in a screen protector, microfiber cloth, and a set of jelly bean home button decals with the purchase. Like we said already, if flashy isn’t your thing, this will surely fit the bill.

source: Spigen

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