South Korean government disappointed with Obama's failure to veto the Samsung import ban

South Korean government disappointed with Obama's failure to veto the Samsung import ban
Most of you will, by now, be aware of the on-again, off-again kind of weirdly symbiotic relationship between Sammy and Apple. They fight it off in the court rooms, but for all intents and purposes, it appears that it's all 'just business', for they continue to cooperate behind the scenes.

That hardly means that the patent wars are over, however. Just yesterday, President Obama “failed” to veto an import ban ordered by the ITC, after Apple won against Samsung:

Impartial or not, it's hardly surprising to see that the South Korean government feels that Samsung, a company that accounts for 17% of the nation's GDP, was mistreated, being the one on foreign ground:

In case you're wondering, the South Koreans are referring to Obama's decision from just this August to reverse a ban proposed by the very same ITC on some Apple products, which had been found to infringe upon Sammy's intellectual property.

As is to be expected, Samsung itself is pretty disappointed too, and commented that the decision will only serve to reduce competition and limit choice for American consumers. 

If anything, however, this is more of a moral blow to the Korean giant, than anything else, seeing as the devices that are being now outlawed are pretty much obsolete. Those include the Galaxy Nexus, the Galaxy S and SII and the Galaxy Tab 10.1, among others.


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