Sony PSP ad takes aim at the iPhone as a gaming device

Sony PSP ad takes aim at the iPhone as a gaming device
Sony's new television spot for the PSP has all of the classic elements that make for a great television sitcom. You have Marcus, the street-smart kid, playing his PSP on a school bus. His opposite number is Josh, a rather "square" looking clean-cut lad holding what appears to be an iPhone and bragging about the "sweet" game (called Lame Castle) he is playing on the handset. Marcus responds by saying that the iPhone is good for texting Grandma and for calling your girl. But when it comes time to play "Big Boy games", our hero suggests using the PSP that he is holding in his hands.

In addition to offering a superior gaming experience on his device, Marcus touts the $9.99 price for some of Sony's older games. And just to make sure that Josh understands what he is saying, Marcus calls him on the phone. It's all just another attempt to slow down the speed at which cellphones have become a legitimate gaming platform. After all, you carry them everywhere and you can download games on the fly for a reasonably cheap price. According to research firm NPD, Sony sold only 84,000 PSP devices in the U.S last month which means that for Sony, a lot is riding on Marcus' power of persuasion.

source: ArsTechnica, NPD
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