Sony Ericsson Kiki is now named Xperia Pureness

Sony Ericsson Kiki is now named Xperia Pureness
Do you recall the Sony Ericsson Kiki - an odd-looking device that got revealed in leaked pictures along with the XPERIA X3 (Rachael) in July? Well, the Kiki has just been officially renamed to Xperia Pureness and the manufacturer announced that it will be launched this November. This info comes along with the presentation of the company's new slogan -  make.believe. The device was disclosed to a few lucky, lucky journalists, but they seem to have sworn secrecy since details about the new handset are still unavailable. The only thing we know is that the Kiki won´t be a complicated device in terms of functionality unlike the smartphones of the same series and will be all about design. 

Take the pleasure of examining the pictures and watching the video while we are searching for more information on this exciting handset to provide you with.

source: Sony Ericsson



1. artz1986

Posts: 453; Member since: Mar 11, 2009

This would be your phone you'd take when you're going to dinner, clubbing, some place where you don't need or won't be able to be on your phone as much. I don't see the reason in having two phones, but you know, some kids who are fashion conscious might see their phone as an accessory instead of an everyday device. I can see ppl buying this phone, it's pretty neat...

2. Arielnyc2006 unregistered

I hope it doesn't have the resurrected Ericsson's delicate flip out keyboard that I thought was never to be used again..

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