Sony Ericsson G702 unveiled by the FCC

Sony Ericsson G702 unveiled by the FCC
Although it showed in spy photos back in February, it is just now that the G702 (code named Beibei) proves to be a real device, thanks to its FCC approval. We were quite skeptical about it, due to the strange form factor (the 3-way scroll used for navigation, similar to the LG Shine), but it seems Sony Ericsson has really decided to use it.

As its model shows (a G-series device), the G702 is yet another phone, targeted to the “generation Internet” customer. Like the G700 and G900, it would run on UIQ, but this one seems to be the first with the newer 3.3 version. Its manual shows that it will have the Opera 9.5 browser, which has a great rendering engine and a pretty comfortable interface, so the browsing experience will be better than before. For a high-speed Internet connection, one can use either HSDPA (2100 MHz band for Europe only supported) or WiFi. However, if you are not covered by a fast 3G network, you will have to use the slower EDGE technology, but at least it will be usable worldwide, since G702 is a quad-band GSM.

It will also be the first Sony Ericsson with widgets, including a hardware shortcut to them. The manual shows images of Weather, Facebook, and YouTube, which are potential hits among the audiences targeted, but the availability of more apps will be what makes its presence worth it.

The G702 will also have an integrated GPS receiver and a navigation application, but it is yet unknown if it will be a full version, or a demo trial. Google Maps is also preloaded as with previous SE phones. The GPS would probably also be usable for geo-tagging of the photos, captured by the 3-megapixel non-autofocus camera.

The whole design language points out that the phone is targeted to the youth. We expect it to be available in a few color variants (as noticed in various spy photos) in order to appeal to as large a consumer group as possible.

source: FCC

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