Someone made classic Pokemon Yellow run on the Apple Watch


Ah, the wonders of emulation – allowing us to play beloved old games on our flashy new PCs, latpops, TVs, set-top boxes, tablets, smartphones and... smart watches?

Yes, that's right, a crafty developer has made a GameBoy Color emulator run on the Apple Watch. On the tiny, 2.5-inch display of the Apple Watch. And theydid a surprisingly good job, at that!

Of course, the emulator has been build specifically for the task at hand, which is running Pokemon, and as such offers a unique interface for controlling the game, that won't work for any other title. Not that fast-paced Mario platforming would suit the Apple Watch anyway.

The bulk of the display to the right is reserved for an invisible, virtual D-Pad, while the right portion is occupied by an also invisible A button. The bottom part of the UI is taken up by a bar, containing a button for selecting indicators, Start andSelect buttons, as well as a larger B button.

The emulator is called “Giovanni” and is an open-source project that developer O’Flaherty-Chan is working on with the help of other programmers.

To get a better idea of how the whole thing works, check out this GIF provided by the developer:

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