Solar powered trash cans sends out text messages when they're full

Solar powered trash cans sends out text messages when they're full
It's always interesting to see how mobile technology is integrated into a myriad of things that aid us in our daily lives. We've already seen how a new mobile app allows drivers to simply pay for parking, which generally requires you to throw some change into a parking meter, all from the comforts of a mobile phone. This time around, we see how text messaging is integrated with solar powered trash cans that sends out an SMS whenever it requires to be emptied out. Some argue against the use of these expensive technology enhanced trash cans as they were purchased with stimulus money for about $4,000 a piece. Sure it does sport one expensive price tag with it, but supporters argue that they save money by not having city workers drive to trash can locations constantly to check if they're full. Still it goes to show how text messaging is perfectly integrated to these high-tech trash cans, but now we can dream of other things expect to come about because of this.

via Textually



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