SmartKeyboard gives Apple iPhone users a thin, physical QWERTY keyboard

SmartKeyboard gives Apple iPhone users a thin, physical QWERTY keyboard
There are many Apple iPhone users who put up with using the virtual QWERTY keyboard on the phone when truthfully, they would feel a whole lot more confident using the handset if it was sporting a physical keyboard. Inspired by the magnetic concept behind the Smart Cover for the Apple iPad, the SmartKeyboard offers a quick and easy on/off physical QWERTY keyboard for iPhone users. In the concept stage, the SmartKeyboard is not yet available for purchase and doesn't even have a web site.

Developed by Motion Lab's Jing Yang, the product slides on and off the Apple iPhone quickly and also can be used as a stand or a handle when taking pictures. When you don't need it, the SmartKeyboard can lie flat on the back of the smartphone. Using the magnetic physical QWERTY also gives you more screen space since it takes up the entire bottom of your iPhone. The SmartKeyboard offers an LED backlight so you can use it in the dark, and will be offered in many colors.

The design of the SmartKeyboard is expected to be changed before it starts to go into production, based on the comments on YouTube. After all, the keys cover up the home button which needs to be accessible, and there are no numbers on the keyboard yet. If the current dimensions stick, SmartKeyboard will be the thinnest physical QWERTY accessory made for the Apple iPhone. There has been no clue on how much the product will cost, or when it will be launched., but for those who want to keep their Apple iPhone and have the option of using a physical QWERTY keyboard, the SmartKeyboard can't hit the market fast enough.

source: Dvice via Geek

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