Smart phones can be too confusing

Smart phones can be too confusing
In a world where technology is always advancing, there seems to be a direct correlation between frustrating users and complex mobiles. Cell phones that pack a lot of rich features are constantly being released to consumers. Some may find the features quite helpful or just a way to show off the cool factor of a device. But all the powerful features of the device can cause users to get so frustrated that they end up using it just as a basic phone. There is a study that displays the difference between how manufacturers constantly bunch tons of features into their phones and how that affects the consumer by leaving them wondering how to explore it. Mformation surveyed 4,000 people throughout the U.S. and United Kingdom. They found that a staggering 85% indicated that they were frustrated with how complex their phone came out to be. In addition, 61% of people thought it was difficult setting up their device and 95% indicated that they would be willing to try new services if they were easier to set up. This is quite true for an average mobile phone user who switches to a complex device such as any smart phone. The report also cited how the iPhone and Android operating systems have made the transition to a smart phone for some users a little bit easier. Heavy menu driven interfaces and unintuitive controls can keep any potential user from realizing the true potential of their device. It can even get to the point where the consumer would return a phone and purchase a more basic one. We’re glad to see how newer mobile platforms are making it easier for any user to navigate and utilize their new phone to its fullest potential.

source: BBC via IntoMobile
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