Sleep better with the WakeMate wristband and iPhone app

Sleep better with the WakeMate wristband and iPhone app
Every time you turn on the TV it seems that there's another Doctor saying that people don't get enough sleep, but who can blame him? In today's fast-paced world of technology, rush-hour traffic, office meetings, and getting the kids to soccer practice on time, sleep is usually the last thing you have time for. If this sounds like you, then WakeMate is here to help. It works by placing an actigraph on your wrist, which connects via Bluetooth and syncs with the app you install on your iPhone. While you are sleeping, it monitors your motion data and REM cycles to find the best time (within 20 minutes of your alarm) to wake up feeling refreshed and with the least amount of grogginess. You can view your sleep data on the app, and over a period of a few nights it become better tuned to your sleep patterns. Pricing is $49.99 with $5 deposit and is expected to be released on January 25th.

source: WakeMate and Macworld/Yahoo News


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