Skype and Verizon holding a joint news conference at MWC

Skype and Verizon holding a joint news conference at MWC
We're starting to reach the crossroads when the amount of minutes you use on your voice plan may seem almost irrelevant in the wake of the explosion of text messaging and VoIP services. With more companies blatantly offering the buffet styled all you can eat packages, it may soon give rise to other alternative mediums for voice calls. Verizon maybe gearing up for some potential ground making news as they announced today that they will be holding a joint press conference with Skype at MWC on February 16. Although there is little news regarding the meaty pieces of information surrounding the conference, it pay point to some other large plan that may be in the works down the pipeline. The number one wireless carrier in the US potentially might come down and make waves if they announce some kind of partnership with Skype to provide a VoIP solution using their network – it may as well provide the foundation of a new revolution in the wireless industry; let's hope.

source: Verizon via BGR


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