Short legs? No problem. Increase your height in photos with the Spring app


Developer: SundaybugsDownload: Android
Genre: PhotographyPrice: Free 

Looking kind of dumpy on your latest photos? Feel like your legs are so short you kind of look like one of the hobbits from Tolkin's Lord of the Rings? Turns out that there's an app to help you out!

Enter Spring -- an app that allows you to both snap a new photo, or use an existing one, and then stretch it so that you look taller and less pudgy. Best of all, you can choose specific regions that you'd like to stretch and leave others unaffected (supermodel legs, anyone?). 

And it actually works pretty well! In our tests, the manipulations can be quite inconspicuous if you are reasonable with edits, and most people will never know that the image has been retouched. Obviously, professionals will still spot something's wrong, as you're basically distorting the picture. To that end, we've found that manipulating photos of people whilst having a solid background are nigh impossible to detect, while having a room full of objects behind you will give the image an out-of-place look. So try and not overdo it in those scenarios.

Spring is currently available for free on Android. The 3.7MB app has been well-received, at least if you consider its average review score of 4.4 (out of 5.0).

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