Shockwave & Adrenaline are two next-gen USB modems for AT&T

Shockwave & Adrenaline are two next-gen USB modems for AT&T
T-Mobile customers are definitely living it up now that HSPA+ is available in more markets than ever before. The fast speed is undoubtedly the main benefit, but jealous AT&T customers might soon get a mobile broadband solution of their own very shortly. Of course AT&T doesn't have HSPA+ or LTE up and running right now, but that's not preventing them from creating hardware right now that's going to be compatible with them.

In fact, AT&T announced two upcoming USB broadband modems – the Shockwave and Adrenaline. First and foremost, the Shockwave is the cheaper of the two at the nice price point of free with a contract, but you still get a device that has support for HSPA+ once it goes live some time down the road. Plus, it'll be more than equipped in dealing with their current HSPA 7.2 3G network.

On the other hand, you've got the $49.99 Adrenaline which packs a microSD slot, GPS receiver, and the notion that it'll be ready for AT&T's LTE network. So if you're ready to experience AT&T's next generation data network, these two USB modems will surely be there at your disposal.

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1. Gcombs unregistered

Ok but why do they have a picture of Soundwave with this article?

3. Gloriahoney unregistered

Ok me being an AT&T customer that lives in Los Angeles which is a BIG city it's not like I live in the middle of nowhere I think AT&T should first fix there crappy 3G network before it starts talking about 4G LTE .. I swear I have had It with AT&T and there so called fastest 3G network ..... Fastest 3G network my ass .. It's fucking slow my friends on t-mobile ,Verizon n sprint all have waaaaay faster speeds on 3G than me there's still no sprint 4G in La but there 3G is faster than att also I loose reception inside many high rise buildings were other companies aka Verizon work fine . O also today I had 12 "call failed" on my Sony Ericsson xperia standing outside with 5 bars of 3G reception which is frustrating also my sister has the same problems on her captivate so it's not our phones it's the service I know some of u might argue with me that att works fine In other places but In La it's crap u would think att works good in a big city like La but it dont

4. Mrtaco unregistered

Well I'm from seattle and I have gone to La a few times and I nevr had any problems with att like u Gloria so Idk Wut Ur talkin about .. LIar!!!

5. Gwen787 unregistered

@ mr taco I bet Ur sum att fanboy huh? Well I agree with Gloria I also live In La and have att I love my samsung captivate but att service just doesn't cut it Im gunna cancel my service first thing tomorrow morning . I bet u didn't even come to La cuz if u did u wud kno att service really does suck In La even when Ur standing outside the phone always disconnects the call even with 5 bars of service trust me Hun I have gone all over La east La, montebello ,Alhambra , compton,south central ,Hollywood , long beach , Santa Monica etc att service let me down in all those places it straight out sucks especially when u in a moving car it keeps on disconecting the call as Ur moving in da car which can be pretty frustating nd the thing that pisses me off da most is that the phone shows I have 2-5 bars of service and I keep getting call ended n call failed no it's not my phone I'm on my 4 th samsung captivate and they all had the same problems so it's not my phone is atts crappy service so yea I agree with Gloria on this one .

6. OTTO8536 unregistered

This modem has been nothing short of big mistake. I have been a happy ATT customer for over five years. However, this Adrenaline USB modem is in the process of destroying my relationship with ATT. Also, I am relaying the experience from three of my associates with this modem. Slowest ATT USB modems, just read the reviews in PC Mag. Bulky and covers several ports when plugged into a USB Drops its signal as many as 10 times in one hour (However, it always shows it is connected) The software does not load properly, hangs, requires total reboot 30% of the time. The software meter is totally inaccurate showing 1 gig remaining one min and then over your limit 5 min later, then shows you have ½ a gig left after a reboot. Software uninstalls improperly, leaving old files and folders, then will not reinstall with out their cleanup software download which does not work properly either. Customer service admits nothing, takes hours of your time with no outcome what so ever. Having said all this, I was even more foolish purchasing the Adrenaline through a 3rd party vendor. ATT will not let me out of my contract or allow me to switch to their 3G Quick Silver model which has problems too but fewer than the Adrenaline. I have not even been able to reinstall the software on my computer because when it uninstalled it, at the advice and while on the phone with ATT customer service, it left fragments someplace on the computer of the previous install. ATT’s clean install program does not work either. I am stuck paying for something that does not work at all. Customer service tells me I should reformat my hard drive, reinstall windows and all my programs just so I can install their product that works very poorly when up and running. It seems only litigation will get me out of this mess. Oh, more good news, ATT wants a $130 cancelation fee and the 3rd party vendor wants a $250 cancelation fee. I payed $49 for the Adrenaline and I pay about $50 a month for a USB modem ATT service plan. I have tried speaking to everyone from the lowest level customer service person to the highest level customer service person and manager and managers in the cancelation department of ATT as well. Nope, nada, it seems only litigation will get me out of this mess. In short, when offered the the ATT Adrenaline for free, run, run out the door, do not even think about making the mistake the four of us have made. As for me, I am out $100 so far with no USB modem service, going to try one more time to get out of this ATT nightmare, then I will have reaffirm that we live in a litigious society here in the USA. Recommendation: Go with Verizon. I had two of their USB modems before this and never even lost my connection one time so long as the strength was good. Customer service was excellent as well.

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