Sharp enters India's mobile market with 4 new phones

Sharp enters India's mobile market with 4 new phones
Next to China, India is the hottest mobile market right now. With the recent launch of 3G networks, manufacturers are clamoring to get a piece of India's developing industry.

Sharp has now entered the running with their first 4 devices bound for India, ranging from the equivalent of US$146 to US$404. The first device is called the Blink, and will be a basic clamshell with dual-SIM support. The next tier up is the Alice, which is a basic full touchscreen device.

The most interesting device from Sharp is the Cyborg. This distinctly Japanese phone features a pivoting LCD screen and a 3.2MP camera. This design, which is popular in Japan, has been attempted in the U.S. with little success. We'll see if India is more receptive. And finally, there is the Tango, which will feature a 3G radio, and a 5MP camera.

Considering the competitive field in India already, Sharp's success is anything but sure. Manufacturers like Spice Mobile and Nokia have a pretty tight grip on Indian consumers. There's no indication that the devices will be marketed anywhere else, but we'd at least like a closer look at the Cyborg.

source: Cellpassion via Engadget

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