Samsung's foldable device line may be called Galaxy Wing (patent)

Samsung's foldable phone line may be called Galaxy Wing (patent)
By now it should be clear to all the stray dogs in Seoul that Samsung is outing a foldable phone of sorts in the spring, after many years of research and hundreds of logged patents about it. The patents are now extending to all sorts of foldable and wrappable devices, gathered under the creative naming scheme of.. Galaxy Wings.

Yep, that's precisely what the latest bendable device patent spree from Samsung is calling those Gumby-like creations, and the Galaxy Wing comes in many shapes and forms. There is a rollable bracelet, a display that unfolds into a virtual keyboard on both sides with a screen in the middle, and so on. Whether or not the rumored foldable handset itself will be commercialized under the Wing moniker, remains to be seen, but it is certainly fitting.

source: Samsung (PDF) via

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