Samsung will present its new high-class device to the world tomorrow


Tomorrow, Samsung will unveil somethingit heavily hypes up. As Samsung Russia's Twitter announcement reads:"Such a thing hasn't happened before! Tomorrow #Samsung willpresent its new high-class device to the world. Curious to know whatit'd be?". You bet we're curious, Samsung, so how about we throwin a bit of speculation?

On the promotional photo, we see thisbeautiful young lady taking a turquoise something out of her purse.It looks rectangular, and it's probably a smartphone. We also seefive different colored circles above the date, which could mean thatwhatever Samsung is going to announce tomorrow, it might come dressedin turquoise, pink, white, brown, and black. Alas, these are all theclues Sammy is giving us. And it's strange that such an illustriousadvert is coming a mere day before the announcement. This suggeststhat the eventual product isn't of high priority for the company, butthe text contradicts this notion.

Looking at the ad's fashion direction,we're likely talking about a new La Fleur device or series. We'll seemore what Samsung has in store tomorrow anyway, but feel free toplace your bets.

UPDATE: Apparently, all the fuss was about the new Samsung NX Mini Camera with unmatched selfie-taking capabilities.

source: SamsungRussia via

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