Samsung will make creating and sharing original Galaxy S6 themes possible in April

Samsung will make creating and sharing original Galaxy S6 themes possible in April
TouchWiz's extended theming capabilities became a notable highlight of the new Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 edge's feature set. However, Sam's latest and greatest smartphones aren't the first to feature some solid theming functionality. In fact, our Korean friends introduced the Themes option in its mid-range Galaxy A series before bringing it aboard its high-end offerings. Presently, users can choose between four pre-installed themes and download some more from a theme marketplace, but so far, rolling your own theme hasn't been an option - at least by official means. As of today, the MyTheme theme authoring tool, which is supposed to make this possible, is only available for Galaxy Note 4, A5, and A7 owners in China.

What's up with that? Reddit user 'gedankenreich' was wondering the same thing and shot an e-mail to Samsung, asking when eager Galaxy S6 owners will be able to create and distribute their original creations. And the response he got is quite optimistic. It says "an introduction of S6's authoring tool will be added" to Samsung's developer page in April. So it looks like Samsung is massaging the theme authoring app for a launch together with, or sometime soon after the Galaxy S6. A knowledgeable user is saying the current tool is "severely limited in its capabilities" compared to what's available in the GS6, which means Samsung might be coming up with something substantially new - hence the delay.

If you want to check out the current state of the theming tool regardless of the limitations, you can check it out on Samsung's developer page here.

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