Samsung wants you to #ExpectMore with the Galaxy S5 in hilarious new ads

Samsung wants you to #ExpectMore with the Galaxy S5 in hilarious new ads
Whether it is because you want a little privacy, or are worried about your job, or you take your smartphone with you to the bathroom (if you’re denying, you’re lying), Samsung has captured the mentality perfectly with these funny new short ads for the Galaxy S5.

What does your job have to do with the Galaxy S5? Well, if you get an important call from your boss, you do not want to get caught with a low battery. That’s where the Galaxy S5’s Ultra Power Saving Mode comes in handy.

Then there’s privacy, maybe you take a lot of pictures of your cat (the internet would not exist were it not for cats), or a lot of selfies with your cat. Point being, when you want to show someone one particular picture, you may not want them to start paging through your whole gallery because lord knows what else you might have in there.  The Galaxy S5 has privacy settings for that.

Finally, everyone’s nightmare come true, losing your phone to the depths of the toilet. There really isn’t anywhere to go with that other than water resistant or not, we think recovery of your Galaxy S5 should be directly tied to whether the dropping incident occurred before or after certain business was conducted, because you might just need to let things go.

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