Samsung wants Tizen everywhere (just like Google wants Android everywhere)

Samsung wants Tizen everywhere (just like Google wants Android everywhere)
The more we hear about Tizen, the more it sounds like it is just a matter of time before Samsung abandons Android for its own platform, which makes it even more baffling to think that Google might be making decisions based on the fear that Samsung will get angry and leave. It seems inevitable anyway. The latest word from Samsung is that the company plans for Tizen to grow beyond smartphones to... well, everything.

We've often heard Google saying that it wants Android to be everywhere; and, the platform is doing well in that respect. Android began on smartphones and tablets, but has moved on to TVs, cameras, cars, stereos, appliances, home systems, and more. It seems Samsung wants the same thing for its Android alternative, Tizen:

That's a pretty big range of uses that Samsung sees for Tizen; and, the word "convergence" seems to indicate that like Ubuntu, Windows, and Android (which is coming to laptops), Samsung may envision a future for Tizen where it runs on all computing devices as well as Internet-connected devices.

source: CNET Korea via SamMobile


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