Samsung starts U.S. Galaxy SIII ad campaign by featuring their pop-up video window

Samsung starts U.S. ad campaign by featuring their pop-up video window
One of the cool new features of Touch Wiz on the Galaxy SIII (see our review here) is the pop up video player, which can open a window to play your content while you use the rest of the screen to browse the web, send texts, etc. It’s one of those features that isn’t a natural headline feature the way S Voice is, but it may be a feature that you’re more likely to get actual use out of from day to day.

Samsung wants to make sure you know about this nice little utility on their flasgship device, so they’ve based their first U.S. ad on it, as friends of a Galaxy SIII owner are amazed by his ability to pound out an SMS while also enjoying a video. This ad is but the first salvo of what will most likely become a gigantic marketing campaign; but everything has to have a beginning:

via: Droid-Life

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