Samsung shows its Soul

Samsung shows its Soul
Samsung announced today its new star model, the Soul. The phone will be officially presented at the World Mobile Congress next week in Barcelona, Spain.

The Samsung Soul is the successor of the company’s Ultra line and more precisely to the U600. The cold product number has been replaced by a poetical name making the device more human. The Soul is a slim slider using the same style as its predecessor. The innovations here start with the 5-megapixel camera added on the back of the phone. It has auto focus and face detection. We note the presence of a touch D-pad, instead of a regular one. Soul adapts to its owner and by using the phone’s "Magical Touch" technology, the navigation indicators on the pad change, according to the current mode, preferred by the user. For example if you are browsing the web, icons used to navigate through Internet pages will appear. When the radio is turned on, the tuning buttons will appear etc. The phone offers three graphic interface options for the users, allowing them to create their own skins also. It is a quad-band/HSDPA 7.2Mbps, with a microSD slot and support for mobile blogging / RSS reader. We will take a closer look at the Samsung Soul in Barcelona and we will share our experience with you.

source: Samsung via Akihabara



1. Horsey unregistered

I'm going to have to dissagree with the Soul to be the Ultra Edition line of phones... for many reasons. One, it's a bit bigger than the Ultra phones, Two, it doesn't have the Ultra name, Three, it doesn't look all that great, Four, it doesn't have a variety of colours, and Five, it doesn't continue of focus of slimness, thinness, and style. This phone seems to be more of a successor of the E950. It has basically the same touchpad (changes to current app's interface needed), similar colours are being used, it's thinner than the E950, similardialpad, similar keys/buttons, and only improves on what the E950 had, with more features.

2. Look Horsey unregistered

Come on look at the features on this phone!!! 5 mega-pixel with auto focus, Quad-band, MP3 playback with B&O amplifier, card slot, touch sensitive menu panel, 3G, FM Radio, Bluetooth 2.0... and you were expecting them to make the phone slim like Ultra-series??

3. KULPRIT unregistered

It is for sure of ultra line up because of two reasons. 1) It is merely 12.9 mm thick and 2) SOUL stands for Spirit Of ULtra (read the capital letter). Hope I've answer for ur invalid infos.

4. Horsey unregistered

It's not that I don't know that it's the successor, it's that I don't think it should be the successor. The Ultra line should be getting thinner and thinner. It's what it's been doing this whole time. It actually is a lot closer to the E950, that's why I thought it should be it's successor. The Soul definately doesn't have the same look of the Ultra line of phones and it doesn't have the same "Wow" and style factor of the Ultra line. It's more of getting functionality (Like the E9xx series) unlike the Ultra phones, which get smaller and thinner. But, aslong as it's not part of the Ultra Edition III line of phones it's okay 'cause it probably won't ever change to the E9xx line which go for seamlessness and glossyness.

5. Scott unregistered

Actually, I think joining the Ultra series and the E9xx series would be a good idea. After all, both are extremely popular series from Samsung. This phone looks like a mix of the E950 and the U700, but it also looks like this phone got part of its' design from the LG Shine or the Nokia 6500 classic. The phone also has a bit of G600 in it... just wonder how it'll turn out.

6. Matt unregistered

Ultra, not Ultra? It's clearly an awesome little device which will replace my aging D900 and look great with my Kaiser. Bring it on, Me likey.

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