Samsung releasing white Galaxy devices in Germany

Samsung releasing white Galaxy devices in Germany
A number of white variants of devices in Samsung’s Galaxy line have popped up in different markets. Most recently, T-Mobile announced it would be carrying a white Samsung Galaxy S II. Now, Samsung Germany has announced that it will be introducing white versions of several Galaxy devices in Germany.

The devices that will be receiving the makeover are the Galaxy Y, Galaxy Ace, Galaxy S Plus, Galaxy S II, and the Galaxy Note. Samsung did not provide a specific release date, but did say that they would arrive in time for the winter season. We would guess that means some time in December. The expectation is that, like other markets that have received Galaxys with paint jobs, the prices and features will probably remain the same as their darker counterparts.

source: SammyHub via IntoMobile



1. belovedson

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7. Yeeee

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2. bayhuy

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11. remixfa

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i knew there would be at least one sheep acting like apple owns rights to the color white.. .lol

3. LewsTherin006

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its a white christmas in deutscheland!

4. HTCiscool

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Thats it Sammy! Stuff in Apples face the fact that white looks better on a GALAXY than on an iPhone. P.S I love the Note!

12. taco50

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I see another banning in their future

5. networkdood

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I could not see my RAZR in white - it just would look right....

8. Ivan6479

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Hmm... I don't know about that. I think a white razor with a light silver Kevlar backing would look pretty bad ass, but it seems like Motorola hasn't really been putting out too many colored devices these days, but I guess that could soon change.

6. Muhannad

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You could buy a white version of the phone or just dip it in white paint.

9. Netolic

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@networkdood Exactly thats why razr is motorola

10. christony1120

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Germany better share those with the U.S :)

13. InspectorGadget80 unregistered

Germany always get the goodies first.

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