Samsung prototype with Windows Phone 7 shows off its gaming prowess

Samsung prototype with Windows Phone 7 shows off its gaming prowess
Mobile gaming is surely to become an area that's proving to be more profitable and even challenging for some of the normal heavy hitters in the mobile console market. Windows Phone 7 may be one of the newest platforms to hit the market, but seeing that they're being backed by a company known for its expertise in the gaming world, Windows Phone 7 is looking to showcase its gaming prowess to make it a clear contender in the mobile space. During Microsoft's ReMix10 conference held in France, there was a Samsung prototype handset with Windows  Phone 7 that was showing off its power thanks to the Twin Blades game. What's interesting to point out is that it looks pretty good so far with some smooth game play and that you have to consider the fact that it took one employee a mere 2 weeks to convert the XBOX Live game onto the handset with almost 90 percent of the code being identical. Although the game is currently available on the iPhone and through XBOX Live, it goes to show that Windows Phone 7 handsets with its high-end specs can compete in the gaming market as well.

via WMPoweruser


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