Samsung patents a stylus with a microphone and a speaker, could this be the next S Pen?

Samsung patents a stylus with a microphone and a speaker, could this be the next S Pen?
Two Samsung patent applications, recently published by the USPTO, reveal what might be the future of the S Pen, the signature digital stylus of the Galaxy Note device family. It seems that Samsung has researched the possibility to implement communication functionalities to the digital pen by including a microphone and a speaker on it.

According to the patent filings, the next S Pen might allow users to take phone calls and issue different voice commands. Samsung states that this pen "functions as a substitute for a wireless headset" and allows the user "to mount the pen to a shirt pocket or the like and communicate in a phone call using the portable terminal as a base". In line with the patent images, the stylus has an earpiece and a microphone, coupled by a transmitting/receiving module. Samsung's concept is, in fact, quite similar to the one we saw in the first Asus Padfone back in 2012.

It looks like the Korean giant wants to improve the grip mechanism of the S Pen, too. The second patent application depicts a protruding grip, which automatically expands once the user draws the stylus from the device.

One can only guess if Samsung's next S Pen accessory will actually include these features. What are your thoughts on the matter?

source: USPTO (1), (2) via GSMArena


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