Samsung may be preparing a CDMA OMNIA

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Samsung may be preparing a CDMA OMNIA
Currently, the OMNIA is Samsung’s greatest model, with a large touchscreen, Windows Mobile 6.1, Opera 9.5, a 5-megapixel camera and excellent multimedia features, including DivX and XviD support. Its biggest drawback for the guys in North America is its sparing 3G frequency support, coming with UMTS 2100 MHz only. This means that in the U.S., it is a feature-rich, but 2G-only handset.

Although Samsung hasn’t officially announced that it is working on an American-friendly OMNIA, it seems so, judging by its phones approved by the FCC. The number of the original model is i900 and FCC revealed two similarly numbered devices, the i910 and i907.

The i910 is a CDMA phone with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. An included sketch really resembles the original OMNIA but is without a SIM card slot, same as in a CDMA device. If this one gets officially announced, it is expected to be released with Verizon Wireless.

The i907 sketch shows a different looking model, but it is rumored to be the AT&T-bound OMNIA.

Neither Samsung nor the carriers have officially announced that such models are in the works.

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source: FCC (i910, i907)



1. unregistered

VZW gets all the good phones...I'm so glad I'm with them!!!

39. unregistered

not even close vzw is limited to windows mobile and blackberry phones only while at&t has those 2 and symbian do your research before jumping the gun ok.

2. unregistered

vzw rules, and we are getting the viewty 2nd gen phone as well

26. unregistered

we are? Like, everyone on verizon is getting a viewty 2nd gen phone? What if i don't want one? What if I'm happy with my current phone? Do I have to pay activation charges on the viewty? Oh, you mean we as in "Verizon Wireless" = we. That's like saying "we beat Florida in the Capital One Bowl last year" and you didn't play for Michigan. I hate Michigan and Florida. Guess who "we" are!

37. M go Blue unregistered

I'm guessing a bucknut who's tired of getting beat by the SEC, but again that's just a guess...

42. unregistered

Yeah, More tired of getting beat by anybody good. I think Michigan is going to beat OSU this year somehow. Well, maybe not. But they'll probably go 9-3.

3. unregistered

Well I'm so glad that VZW is a Jok and stilling from customers. The intelligencia are just so stuck up!!!

5. unregistered

Verizon Wireless is a Joke? Lowest Churn/Highest Customer Satisfation 67 mil soon to be about 80 mil customer that CAN'T be wrong about liking their calls connected, their 3G Data network available and not dropping a call/connection all the time. Welcome it comes to Reilability, then a slightly higher price is not a factor. Anyways. If Verizon gets this phone, I hope it works better then the review the GSM one was getting

7. unregistered

"not dropping a call/connection all the time" ya right I always get my calls dropped all the time and I have verizon they suck!!!!

16. unregistered

dial *228 and send, choose option 1 to program your phone, wait for the system to say your phone has been programmed, hang up the phone, turn it off then back on unless it power cycles itself, dial #832 and you should hear a message that says your test call has been successful... also it helps if you turn off your phone once in a while

36. unregistered

I guess you're just unlucky. For every 1 customer that gets dropped calls (you), there are like 25+ customers that don't get dropped calls... which would be less than 5%. At least that is what it seems like on this site, as well as in my experience (I know a bunch of people that have VZW).

45. unregistered

Maybe Your Phone Is screwed up !

4. unregistered

VZW will just ruin the phone with their horrible UI as always

6. sinfulta unregistered

What are you talking about? Verizon does not change the UI of any of there PDA devices. It's using windows mobile 6.1. Don't comment on stuff that you obviously don't know or assume.

8. toy unregistered

they won't ruin the UI, however being VZW customer for a long time, I expect they will cripple the hardware instead. Let's say, no-wifi, or 5 MP downgrade to 3 MP Camera, or the processor reduced from 600 plus MHz to only 400MHz. Well, you know Verizon.

10. unregistered

They wont touch the hardware lol, that whole sprint article thing is bs

13. Sean Humphrey unregistered

When will people stop jumping on the bandwagon and realize that VZW does not remove Wi-Fi from smartphones! Is it available on the XV6800? Yup. XV6700? Sure is. i760? Yes sir. Not to mention the fact that Q9m/c users have the option of purchasing an SDIO Wi-Fi card to make Wi-Fi available on their devices as well. Please check your facts before making false claims. And please don't bring BB's into this because the removal of Wi-Fi is entirely unrelated to VZW. It is a CDMA thing. Now I do agree that VZW really needs to stop locking down GPS in their smartphones, but that's a whole other story. BTW, trust me, I am about the furthest thing away from being a fan of VZW. I just hate when people repeat what they hear without doing any research of their own first.

15. unregistered

Thank god you sad "a whole other story." That tickles me in a way that if Loretta tickled me in that way I'd say, "Oh, yeah... That's nice... That's the spot." I've been trying to kill "a whole nother" one by one. I just tell people to hold their breath while they look up the word "nother" in the dictionary and don't exhale until they find it. Obviously there are some grammar conscious people around. Back to topic. I agree 100%. I have a q9m. I like the phone, don't have wi-fi but don't need it either. I would use the crap out of the GPS system though with google maps. I can't get the frickin phone to update though.

19. unregistered

Verizon CEO recently said 5MP phones are coming.

21. unregistered

Look at what they did to the diamond, raphael, and 8830 to name a few and then re-think your statement.

22. unregistered

wow the "option" to purchase something to use wifi, how unlike Verizon. They are all about ripping their customers off and watering down their devices. Thats why I left!

28. chong unregistered

If they do cripple the hardware it will not be VZW it will be the Manufacturer (Samsung) you idiot.

38. M go Blue unregistered

That's the dumbest things I've ever read, Verizon can't do anything to the hardware you retarded monkey...

40. unregistered

samsung a990 for VZW - I have had it for 2+ years = 3.2 megapixel - killer pics.

41. rkturbo unregistered

VZ disables hardware features all the time. If you recall, when the RAZR came out, almost all bluetooth services were disabled. LGs had their MP3 support disabled, which had to be activated through the service menu, something a standard user should not have to access. Palms had the BT DUN disabled until a very nice individual provided a file to enable it. Let's not forget the most disgusting hardware crippling, VZ disabled the GPS on the HTC Titan (xv6800), which could be fixed by switching to a SPRINT rom. Now that WM 6.1 is out for it, you can get nagivator, oh wow, let me be all excited because they crippled the useful features that are included with my phone and want to charge me indefinitely for their poor excuse of a service. I wish the rest of the hardware manufacturers would get fed up with verizon running their name into the dirt and ditch them like Nokia did.

9. likeabite unregistered

I must concur that Verizon does do that but they've been getting better at it. Look at the dare...the UI is much better and the camera was 3.2...the first by a major US carrier. They need to leave the Diamond and Touch Pro just as is though or else I'll be pissed of. The OMNIA is a very nice phone though. P.S. - # 7 just shut up, especially if you have nothing proper to sensical or legible to say about my network. lol

23. unregistered

Umm first phone in the us to have a 3.2 megapixel camera, try again sir.

11. VZW Owns ALL unregistered

People who bitch about VZW and their phones dont know anything about phones to begin with. Anything you turds can do on your Nokias N series phones I can do on my DARE. ANYTHING !!!! Learn how to actually use the phones before you bash them you mild retards. You massively FAIL at trying to act intelligent and show it by not knowing how to do SIMPLE things like change a UI ( I can change it on ANY PHONE VZW has), add apps ( I can put all apps on VZW phones and they are all free all the time )...I think VZW phones crush all, the users that know anything about the phones know we OWN all.

24. unregistered

oh yeah? trying purchasing a sim card for your 8830 and using it over sea' can't. The point is you tard is that you have to reverse what verizon does to it for software most of the time, the water it down or lock certain features. WOW!!!! Congratulations you can change your UI!!!! The point is that you shouldn't have to!!! You can't change the processor in your diamond when you get it can you? Stop ripping on people, the point that some people are making is about the hardware to, not just the software you simpleton.

12. unregistered

it'll be great with verizon. best service. they should add vcast music with rhapsody and vcast videos to their smartphones.

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