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Samsung has a "revolutionary" device to show at the Super Bowl

Samsung has a "revolutionary" device to show at the Super Bowl
Super Bowl ads are big business. Some companies spend their entire year's marketing budget on getting one 30-second spot during the game. But, tech companies have notoriously had a hit or miss with pushing hardware in commercials during the game. Aside from Apple's iconic "1984" ad, the best and most successful tech Super Bowl commercials have been for web services, not hardware. Let's not forget just how little Motorola's Super Bowl ad for the XOOM did last year. 

Even so, Samsung wants to toss some big money into play. Today, the company announced that it has not only purchased time during the Super Bowl, but that the ad will be "one of the longest in the game." Samsung said that the ad is for a "revolutionary" device, and will air in the fourth quarter of the game this Sunday. This is a big investment, because a 60-second ad during the Super Bowl is going for $6 million, with a 30-second spot clocking in at $3.5 million. If the ad is going to be "one of the longest" of the night, it seems likely that Samsung is spending at least $6 million and likely more for the spot. 

No word on what device will be shown off, but given that the Galaxy S III is nowhere near release, the early money is on a new Galaxy Tab model. What do you guys think it will be?

source: Samsung via The Next Web 


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