Samsung demonstrates world's first GPRS mobile phone with video on demand

Simply by pressing the video function key and browsing through the list of available content, in a similar fashion to TV channels, the SGH-V100 provides high-speed, wireless access to music videos, Internet broadcast, animation and other motion pictures in colour. The development of the SGH-V100 represents a breakthrough in cellular technology enabling the playback of streaming video content over GPRS networks. The Samsung SGH-V100 has an MPEG-4 decoder that operates from a GPRS platform and built-in stereo sound reproduction. Its 16 polyphonic sound capability means that sound from the video is more realistic. This has been an important development in mobile telephony, because without realistic sound, these latest applications, such as music videos, simply would not work. Another important development has been in LCD technology. The SGH-V100 incorporates the latest TFT-LCD (Thin Film Transistor LCD) technology from Samsung, which is used to provide clear movie images. The TFT-LCD processes moving images significantly quicker than previous types of screens, has no after image to affect viewing and uses a palate of up to 65,000 colours. Separate memory is available for storage, so that the user can download the video and replay it as many times as he/she wants. The phone circuits are designed to conserve power and software is optimised to extend battery life and accommodate the playback of motion pictures in colour. The SGH-V100 is a folder type phone with the 176 x 220 pixel, viewing screen inside. An external LCD of 96 x 64 pixels alerts the user to incoming calls and provides information on calls, date and time. This GSM/GPRS phone weighs just 97g, and includes WAP features such as support for WAP 1.2.1 and a graphic user interface. It has personal information management functions such as 'to do list', 'calendar' and 'scheduler'. PC synchronisation means that phone lists and diaries can be updated between a desktop PC and the SGH-V100 . There is a separate download function. The phone is available in metallic silver.

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