Samsung announces 2020 goal for 5G, hits 1Gbps in tests

Samsung announces 2020 goal for 5G, hits 1Gbps in tests
Tech firms are always looking ahead and while 4G LTE is all the rage these days, Korean giant Samsung has announced that 5G will be ready by 2020. In tests, Samsung was able to achieve 1Gbps speed, but it required 64 antennas to hit that mark. The tech giant conducted the test over the 28GHz waveband and exchanged real-time signals during the test. With 5G service, users will be able to download a feature film in less than a second with data speeds up to 10Gbps. That compares to 4G which offer speeds up to 75Mbps.

China and the EU both have been working on developing 5G standards and have been throwing money at the technology in hopes of  be able to write the international standards for the service. But no matter how much is thrown at 5G, it takes a tech company with the reach of Samsung to help commercialize those standards.

We're talking about 5G being available in seven short years. Until then, we still have a long way to go before the full potential of 4G LTE is achieved.

source: YonhapNews, VR-Zone via Engadget

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