Samsung announces 1GHz processor for cell phones, codenamed Hummingbird

Samsung announces 1GHz processor for cell phones, codenamed Hummingbird
Samsung has announced a new, 1GHz mobile processor, codenamed Hummingbird. According to the manufacturer, it will be the fastest cell phone CPU to date, based on ARM Cortex-A8 architecture. Both the iPhone 3GS and Palm Pre are built around the very same platform, although powered by slower 600 MHz. versions, produced using 65 nm lithography, while the Hummingbird will be manufactured on 45 nm process that will provide an increased speed and improved energy efficiency, making the processor especiallly suitable for building into mobile devices. Well, it seems it didnĀ“t take long until someone came up with a direct rival to the 1GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon. The announcement does not provide insight on when the Samsung Hummingbird is to enter mass production or devices equipped with it are to start coming out, but we will keep you in the loop.

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3. behold--me

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1. Pr0cl1v1ty

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thats sick cant wait till im an old man, when the iphone is nothing compaired to what is out then lol!

2. Dood

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I can wait. I like not being an old man. When I look at girls now, I'm just a pervert. I couldn't handle being a perverted old man... iPhone with an actual katana FTW!!! Razr with an actual razor FTW!!!

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