Samsung and Globalfoundries enter collaboration for 28nm next-gen mobile chipsets production

Samsung and Globalfoundries enter collaboration for 28nm mobile chipsets production
Samsung's fabs in Texas and Korea, and the Globalfoundries ones in Dresden and New York are joining forces to produce the next generation mobile chipsets with 28nm HKMG technology.

The new fabrication process, developed also with the help of IBM and STMicro, will combine high frequency performance with low power requirements. The current dual-core Exynos chipset of Samsung, for example, which is in the Samsung Galaxy S II, and in the Samsung Galaxy Note announced yesterday, is produced with the 45nm method.

It looks like Samsung will go directly to 28nm die shrinkage for its next generation chipsets, since the new fabrication process allows a 60% reduction in the needed power at the same frequency, or 55% performance boost for the same power consumption.

When we add the likeliness that the next chipsets to power Samsung's mobile gadgets will probably be based on ARM's Cortex-A15 multicore designs, like Eagle, we will either have way more powerful phones and tablets, or they will last much longer on a battery charge. Probably it will be some sort of a trade-off between the two, as with the current chipset families.

source: Digitimes

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