Samsung a797 gets photo taken and placed on Craigslist

Samsung a797 gets photo taken and placed on Craigslist
It's no surprise that Samsung is on the rampage with offering their TouchWiz UI on their devices. The widget friendly interface is bound for the yet unreleased Samsung A797 touch screen phone for AT&T. It's still unclear as to whether or not it'll sport the newer version rather than the same old one we've been seeing come out domestically of late. One thing that makes it more distinctive is the slide out QWERTY keyboard – which eerily looks similar to the Palm Pre from far away. For one Atlanta native, it looks like they managed to get their hands on one and placed it for auction on Craigslist. So on top of trying to make a deal with this individual, you can have yourself a one of a kind phone way before anyone else. If not, you can wait like the rest of us for the official release date to make sure you have a brand spanking authentic one.

source: Craigslist via Unwired View


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1. behold--me

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hate it. if u want a full qwerty w touch get a side slider cramped in portrait or spacy n really wide phone

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